Wyrd On the Street

wyrd on the street as it's heard directly from our resident "girl in the know", Lucy.


Greetings Book of MOJO Fans!

Last week's Wyrd on the Street noted Team MOJO's comeback for another round of campaigning with the plan to relaunch May 25th.  We spent many days last week working with a new publicist & social media manager to develop an effective strategy to spreading the word about the Book of MOJO.  After much planning & plotting with the MOJO PR Team, we decided to push the launch date to June 1st. This extra week is crucial for the PR Team prelaunch prep and the financial success of the next campaign.  Reaching new people increases Team MOJO’s odds of raising more funds and making our production costs.  

As a subscriber and fan of the Book of MOJO, once the new campaign launches Team MOJO would appreciate your support in spreading the word of the Book of MOJO IndieGoGo campaign. Shout-outs, re-posts, and shares from followers of the Book of MOJO are just as crucial to the success of the next campaign as your contributions (no matter how small). With all the work the MOJO animation crew, producers unit, & PR Team has been diligently producing plus your active support of the project, we feel very confident we will succeed in this next round of fundraising. Team MOJO thanks you for your fandom and following.

Stay tuned & we'll keep you posted.

Go Team MOJO!