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wyrd on the street as it's heard directly from our resident "girl in the know", Lucy.

WE'RE BACK! The Book of Mojo IndieGoGo Campaign Returns!

Greetings Book of MOJO Fans!

Good news! 

It’s the end of a good day. It was the first day of Team MOJO’s re-launching of the Book of Mojo animated short campaign on IndieGOGO. It’s been quite a day for us here at the Team MOJO HQ. We’re filled with an infectious renewed spirit of enthusiasm and, most especially, great thanks to everyone who was so generous as to contribute today and help spread the word about the Book of Mojo. Thanks for getting us off to a great start.

We also excited and grateful to Animation For Adults featuring the Book of Mojo campaign in their blog. We’re working diligently to push through to the next phase of production and bring all those character designs to life and it is great to have such efforts recognized and supported. Thanks AFA for being a part of the magic!

If you are still interested in helping make the Book of Mojo animate short happen then, the next few days are the best days for you to support. If you're unable to contribute right away, no worries! You can really help us by spreading the word. If you can, let others know about the campaign and share the link, you'd really be helping Team MOJO! 


Our spirits are lifted. The buzz renewed. New artwork is currently being developed - including some animation tests.  Who wouldn’t want to see that? Stay tuned. We'll keep you posted. Thanks so much for your support! 


Warm Regards,

Team MOJO ... Go Go!