Wyrd On the Street

wyrd on the street as it's heard directly from our resident "girl in the know", Lucy.

IndieGogo Conclusion

As you know last week we wrapped up our Indiegogo campaign. We (Team Mojo) thank you very much for helping to raise over $ 25k! 

We would like to make it clear that this is only the beginning for us and although we did not make our first goal we are coming together again and gearing up for our relaunch on Kickstarter!

You are invited to join us! Team Mojo has been working hard and we are proud of everyone that is helping to bring this to be and is equally excited for you to see what we have been working on.

 Stay tuned for more updates and the countdown to our relaunch. 

(Also if you haven't seen Everett's "Thank You" video, here it is) 

This is the final update for the Book of Mojo Indiegogo campaign. We want to thank all of our contributors for your support and pass on a message for the future of the Book of Mojo.

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