Wyrd On the Street

wyrd on the street as it's heard directly from our resident "girl in the know", Lucy.



MoCCA Fest 2015 was amazing! We’ve spent so much time with Mojo fans on the West coast lately, it was great to meet some of our East coast fans.

Also we had another Google Hangout with Everett Downing, Emma coats and our Look Development artist, Tiffany Ford. If you missed that you can watch it here;


We have a new an animatic (storyreel) out and it looks so… Why don’t you just see for yourself:

AND... new perks are up!! So if you have been wanting to contribute but haven't really liked the perks here are a few of our new perks. You can view all of the perks on our campaign page. 


We have 17 days left of our campaign and still have a way to go before Book of Mojo is completely funded. If you have contributed to our campaign then you know that we will be at Big Wow Comic Fest in San Jose this weekend and that TODAY in Burbank we will be having a Drink & Draw at Story Tavern at 7pm. All proceeds from both events will go towards our campaign. Join us!

We’ve also devised a few more opportunities to win some cool Mojo merch, so be on the look out if you've missed out on some of our giveaways.

Once again thank you for your support and if you haven't contributed yet the clock is ticking (17 more days and we are 25% funded)