Wyrd On the Street

wyrd on the street as it's heard directly from our resident "girl in the know", Lucy.

Big Wow!!


Team Mojo met up for a couple of drink and draw events in So Cal this week. Special thanks to Ian Abando, who hosted our event at Story Tavern in Burbank, CA and our producer Yvie also hosted (a non acholoic)  college Drink & Draw. Thanks to everybody who came out to visit and do art stuff with us.  

Here are pictures from both events 

... also BIG WOW Comicfest in San Jose this weekend was amazing! Were you there? Send us your Mojo sightings!


"We plan on a couple more events before the campaign comes to a conclusion including one more Hangout, and possibly something with a venue. We'll fill you guys in on the details very soon." - Everett



It’s the home stretch of our Indiegogo campaign to make Everett Downing’s Book of Mojo webcomic into a CG animated pilot. We’ve got some of the most talented artists in the world on board and I encourage you to check out their work and be inspired. It’s also worth saying, since we’re being sentimental, that our production crew does a fantastic and tireless job on this project. (You go team!)


You never know what’s around the next corner when it comes to this Mojo stuff, so it’s good idea to keep in the know. 

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