Wyrd On the Street

wyrd on the street as it's heard directly from our resident "girl in the know", Lucy.

Living "the Dream"

Greetings and Happy MLK Day! I decided that today would be a great day to relaunch, and refocus my web comic. We're planning bringing a lot of cool stuff to you this year and we wanted to kick it off with the comic. We're presenting it in an all new format. We'll be posting updates 3 times a week; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and I'm working on new content right now. We're hoping that the previous works blends seamlessly with the new stuff later this year. The reason we're doing this is to bring in new readers, and also to engage you guys, the audience. We invite you to comment, get involved, Let us know what you think. This  leads me to the reason I picked today to relaunch. 

As a creator of color (I'm African-American), diversity in film and media has become very important to me, especially in light of the recent events in the world. I truly believe that if the world we live in isn't reflected on screen, or in the media, it erodes our sense of empathy as a culture. A comic featuring a strong female lead of color is a rare thing these days, and I'd love to change that. If that's something you believe as well, I really encourage you to support the book if you like it and tell your friends! Stepping off soap box now. 

I look forward to bringing you guys lots of awesome in 2015!